Nuriddeen Knight
Brooklyn, NY 11203

E.  info@nuriddeenknight.com

Nuriddeen Knight completed an MA in psychology with a focus on child and family from Columbia University. Alongside her academic degree, she studied traditional Islamic knowledge including Islamic law, theology, spirituality and prophetic biography with local scholars and in the majalis in Amman, Jordan.

In 2015 she created Nooralshadhili.com, a holistic initiative focused on human development through education, research, and counseling. Her written work has been featured in thepublicdiscourse.commvslim.comaltmuslimah.comsapelosquare.com, and thedemureist.com. She compiled a collection of 40 sayings from the prophet Muhammad’s life through the narration of his wife Aisha and is currently working on its second edition.

Since 2013 she's given several lectures:

  • A Middle Ground: An Islamic and Psychological Perspective on the Divided Self, Community Lecture | Brooklyn, NY (2013)
  • The Importance of Female Scholarship, African American Islamic Conference | Atlantic City, NJ (2015)
  • Dealing W/ Marital Conflict | Rabata.org (2017)
  • Personal Happiness in Marriage | Rabata.org (2017)
  • Soft Power | African American Islamic Conference | Atlantic City, NJ (2017)
  • Women's Rights | York College Queens, NY (2017)

Featured in Eid Films’ Black Muslims Speak, watch here.

She is currently a freelance speaker, researcher, writer and blogger (bythefigandtheolive.com), on her down time she enjoys a cup of tea and a good book.